Birthday: September 26, 1995 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-207M

 Sentia Joachin is the sister of Johnny Joachin who works at Hope Center. Sentia has been a part of the Hope Center summer work crew trying to raise money to help her mother pay for school for her three sisters and three brothers. Her mother takes care of all of the children in the family by herself with no formal job. When she is not fighting migraines due to her high blood pressure, her mother sometimes works as a sharecropper in a large garden. However, it has been hard to control her blood pressure and work. Sentia has not been able to go to school for the last four years because they have not been able to afford to pay for it. She feels like she needs to try to go back to school and finish so she can find a job and help her mother. Sentia became a Christian two years ago at Hope Center church and she would love to one day work at a church in evangelism. She loves to hang out with friends and she enjoys studying French. She also wants to learn English. What she loves most about Haiti is that it is beautiful and it makes her happy.