Birthday: September 12, 2000
Sponsorship #: 2016-00-201M


Lisena is a bright and loving sixteen year old who has had a sponsor for the past four years when she was in middle school. She is now a ninth grader at the high school preparing to take the National Exam. Lisena has three sisters and four brothers and her parents do not have dependable jobs to provide for the family. Sometimes they are able to find some work in a local garden, but it barely pays enough to feed the family. Lisena’s siblings all have sponsors, so that is very helpful because they can at least get a hot meal at school. However, because her parents can’t afford to pay for school, if Lisena doesn’t find another sponsor, she will have to drop out of school and will not only miss out on a good education but also miss out on the one meal a day that she can count on. Lisena’s favorite subject in school is social sciences and when she grows up she wants to become a nurse. Please consider sponsoring Lisena so that she will have a chance of rising out of the poverty she has grown up in and become a nurse.