Birthday: October 20, 2002
Sponsorship #: 2016-00-199M


Gerlie Jean is a delightful fourteen year old that is very smart and loves school. She is from a village called Boucandrice near Galette Chambon. She wants to go to the BGM school instead of a school in her village because she knows she can get a good education and there is the possibility for a sponsorship. If she tries to go to a school in her village where there are no sponsorships, she would probably have to sit out of school while her parents save up for tuition. Her parents are farmers and they just don’t make enough to support the family and send Gerlie and her two brothers and two sisters to school at the same time. Gerlie is not sure yet what she wants to do in her future but she does know that she wants to grow up to be a leader in her church. She loves going to church and school and she enjoys teaching children in her church who can’t go to school how to read and write in Creole. She volunteers every summer in her church teaching these classes.