Birthday: March 25, 2004
Sponsorship #:  2016-00-193M

Bilandine is twelve years old and in the seventh grade. She lives in a small village called Boucandrice near Galette Chambon. She walks to school every day with her friends who also go to school in Galette Chambon. So far all of her friends that she walks with have sponsors, so she is the only one who goes to school from her village without a uniform. She doesn’t let it bother her though because she is thankful that she is able to go to the BGM secondary school while waiting for a sponsor. Bilandine lives with her parents and two brothers. They are all farmers and they work very hard to provide for the family. Bilandine is on the girls’ soccer team and she loves to play soccer when she’s not in school. When she finishes high school, Bilandine wants to go to Cosmetology school so that she can learn to cut hair and give manicures and pedicures. Bilandine loves the beautiful landscape of her country and she says that she is thankful that God placed her here to live her life.