Birthday: March 27, 2009
Sponsorship #: 2016-00-100JHC 


Wolcy “Dodo” Jean Risme is a bright and energetic eleven year old from the village of Gros Balanse. He lives with his parents, two brothers, and 4 sisters. His parents are share cropper farmers, but they do not make much money. His father does most of the work, and his mother sometimes helps, but she usually stays at home with the children and sometimes takes produce to the market to sell in order to feed their family. They are very thankful that their children can be sponsored in school not only because they have hope for a future when they learn to read and write, but also because they get a hot meal every day. They know that as long as their children are in school, they will never go hungry. This is such a comfort to them. Dodo enjoys playing with his friends and playing soccer. When he grows up, he wants to drive a big tap tap truck.