Birthday: May 26, 1996 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-185S  

Jalande is a happy young lady who lives in Hope Center Village with her mother’s best friend, Mirode. Jalande’s father died when she was a baby and her mother lives far away but asked if she could come live with Mirode so that she could go to school. Jalande’s mother has four other children, so she cannot afford to pay for school in the little income she makes as a vendor. Jalande is very hopeful that being able to go to school while living with her friend Mirode will change the course of her life. In her free time, Jalande enjoys selling things to help her mother with her siblings. When she grows up, she wants to become a seamstress and make dresses and uniforms for school children. She is hoping to one day be able to learn to sew in the Hope Center Business Center! Jalande says she loves everything about her country of Haiti, and she is so thankful that God is changing the situation for so many people in the village of Galette Chambon. She is thankful He brought her here to give her hope for her future.