Birthday: May 16, 2001 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-220M  

Dikenn is a fifteen year old from Galette Chambon who has five brothers and three sisters. His father is a farmer in the village and his mother does not work other than taking care of their large family. Dikenn is very excited about entering the 7th grade at Moliere’s school because he values a good education and he is excited about going to a school with a feeding program. There are many days that Dikenn and his family go with very little to eat just because they don’t make enough money to buy food. They mainly just eat what they are able to grow in their garden. Dikenn loves to play soccer when he is not in school and he dreams of one day being able to play on a professional team. Dikenn’s favorite subject in school is history and what he loves most about Haiti is the beautiful coconut and mango trees and the motorcycles. When he is old enough, he wants to learn how to drive a motorcycle to help support his family as a moto tap tap driver.