Birthday: July 16th, 2003 Sponsorship #2016-00-224M  

Christiannie Phillippe is a 13 year old girl that lives in the village of Boucandrice with her parents, two brothers and two sisters. She loves to look at the flowers and the nature of Haiti in her free time. Her mom and dad are both vendors. This kind of work does not always provide steady income which makes it difficult to afford Christiannie’s school fees. She is in the 7th grade and loves to learn French. Her life goal is to everntually become a doctor. Sponsoring Christiannie could give her a better chance to achieve this goal and make her dream come true! Christiannie and Benitha are best friends, and they are both hoping to be walking to school together this year. She said that she promises to work hard in school if she is able to find a sponsor!