Birthday: October 3, 2003
Sponsorship #: 2016-00-173

Roobens is now one of our university students living in the house we rent in Delmas and going to UPROH. He is majoring in Business Administration and is so excited about being back in school. Below is the info we posted on him when he first entered the sponsorship program back in 2016. His mother has evacuated the village temporarily to live with family in Ganthier, but she will be moving back to their house soon.

Roobens is a very bright 14 year old boy that lives with is mother in Galette Chambon. His father died when he was a baby, and his mother makes and sells charcoal in the village in order to be able to afford food for herself and Roobens. Most people who have spent any time at Hope Center in Galette Chambon know Roobens. He loves to interact with teams and he has even had the opportunity to shadow a few of the visiting doctors in the clinic as well as Dr. Shubert! Roobens has been first in his class for three years now, and his principal says he is the brightest student in the school. For the last two years, Roobens has been able to go to the Hope Center secondary school for free because it was sponsored by a church. However, now that the school has grown so big, BGM has needed to start the sponsorship program to keep the school going. Roobens is very hopeful that someone will sponsor him so that he can continue to pursue his dream of one day becoming a doctor and working at Hope Center Clinic with the people he loves.