Birthday: July 17, 2007 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-182S

Daniel is a precious little nine year old who came to Hope Center clinic last year seeking help with a hernia. We took him to a hospital to meet with a team of doctors from Miami where they discovered that a Daniel didn’t just have one hernia, but three!! He also had a rare physical developmental disorder that has caused him to seem much younger than he is among other issues. Over the course of the year, doctors from Miami, Chicago, Israel, Italy, and Korea have looked at his case and have devised a health care plan that is going to absolutely change Daniel’s life! He has a team of doctors that is unheard of in Haiti, and yet God has put this team together to help him in ways he and his parents never dreamed possible!! Daniel lives deep in the village of Galette Chambon with his brother and sister who are twins and his mother and father. His mother is a vendor and his father helps with construction jobs when he can find work. They have never been able to afford school for Daniel or his siblings. Mom has taught them as much as she could on her own, but she is so excited about the possibility of her children being able actually go to school!! She is so exited that God is answering so many of her prayers. In his free time, Daniel likes to play soccer with this friends and when he grows up he wants to work in the construction field like his daddy. Daniel is very hopeful that he will find a sponsor soon so that he can start school with everyone else in the next few weeks!