Birthday: December 25, 2002 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-215M  

Wilna is a bright fourteen year old who lives in a nearby village called Gros Balance. Wilna has two sisters and three brothers. Neither of her parents are educated nor do they have a source of income other than selling a few mangoes and avocadoes from the trees near their small home made of dirt. They also try to grow a little corn and beans to sell at market when they can. Wilna is happy that there is now hope that she might be able to break out of the poverty that her family has lived in for generations if she is able to find a sponsor that will pay for her education at Moliere’s school. She was able to go to school in the past simply because the principal let her go for free. However, now that she has moved to the secondary school, she won’t be able to go unless she has a sponsor. Wilna’s favorite subjects in school are French and Mathematics and she wants to be a nurse one day.