Birthday: 15 July 2001
Sponsorship #: 2016-00-214M

Joalex is Pastor Johel’s son! He is so excited to have passed his entrance exam to go on to the 7th grade and move on to But God Ministry’s secondary school. Joalex has three sisters and two brothers. His father is the pastor of a local church and principal of the primary school that BGM sponsors. His mother works as a preschool teacher and helps the cooks prepare food for the children, but she does not get paid to do either. Even though both of his parents work, they rarely receive compensation for it because they pay their teachers first and then take care of school needs before their own. They have never had to pay for school for their children before because they have always gone to Pastor Johel’s school. However, now that Joalex is going to seventh grade, there will be significant costs involved. His parents have never asked for help financially, but now with all of the children in the family in school, and with costs of attending secondary school significantly more than elementary school, Joalex asked if he could be put in the program so as not to put too much burden on his parents. Joalex is very smart. His favorite subject in school is social studies and he loves to study. He wants to be a teacher one day so that he can help educate children in his village.