Birthday: April 14, 1998 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-210M

Macknel is going to be in the 9th grade this year and he is so excited that BGM is opening a 9th grade. He moved to Hope Center Village two years ago with his mother and father. His mother doesn’t have a job and his father works in Port au Prince in a small business. He has six brothers and three sisters. Because there are so many school age children in the family, they have not been able to afford for all of them to go to school. They have had to take turns going to school. For the last three years, Macknel has had to just wait until BGM could start a 9th grade so that he could continue school because he could not afford to go to any of the other schools in the village. During that time, he has tried to work odd jobs to help his parents pay for school for his siblings. Macknel recently learned how to do mosaic tile work and he was hired by BGM to tile the bathrooms in the new clinic expansion. He gave the money he made to his parents so that they could pay tuition for his siblings.

Macknel is so smart, and he is very excited about the possibility of finally being able to continue school…that is IF he finds a sponsor. His favorite subject is English and he wants to learn how to be able to speak English with the teams that come to his village. He wants to one day be an Engineer so that he can have a good job to support his family. His favorite thing about Haiti is being able to get an education. He knows that Haiti has some good schools, but they are in the city and far away from where he lives. So he is really thankful that his new home in Galette Chambon has a good school that he can go to because he knows how important an education is to one’s future.