Sponsorship # 2016-00-213J Birthday: February 27, 2000

Fabris Vil (IS SPONSORED!!!!)   is a hard working sixteen year old with a loving personality. He lives in Galette Chambon with his two brothers, two sisters, and their mother. His does not have a father. He will be entering the sixth grade this year at Joel’s school. He is behind in school because there have been several years that he was not able to afford to go to school, so he worked. His mother doesn’t have a job, so she rarely has money to send him to school. Fabris doesn’t worry about it though. He just works hard to make some money, so that he can pay for his own school. Sometimes he doesn’t find the work he needs though. It’s really hard. Fabris’s favorite subject in school is Mathematics and he hopes to become an engineer one day. When he’s not in school he likes to play soccer and work. His favorite thing about Haiti is the beautiful mountains.