Sponsorship #: 2016-00-092JHCM Birthday: March 15, 2004

Edison is a bright twelve year old who loves to go to school. He lives with his father and mother who help in a local farm to support their family. He has seven sisters and two brothers. His parents work very hard to feed their family, but they certainly cannot afford to send all of their children to school. Edison is only in the second grade because he and his siblings have had to take turns going to school each year. Some years they could not afford to send any of  the children to school. That is why he is so far behind. They are very thankful for the sponsorship program because they do not have to worry about how their children are going to go to school. When Edison is not in school, he likes to study. His favorite subjects are grammar and math. One day Edison would like to become either a teacher or a tap tap driver. One thing he loves about his country is that there are all sorts of cars on the roads in Haiti.