Birthday: July 26, 2001 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-156M

Fedeline is one of our university students currently attending nursing school at UPROH (Providence University of Haiti). She first entered the BGM sponsorship program when she was a fifteen year old 8th grader living in Galette Chambon. She lived there with her mother, two sisters and two brothers. Her favorite subjects were French and algebra and she loves to read the Bible in her spare time! Fedeline’s mother doesn’t have a dependable source of income, so she was never able to afford to pay for Fedeline’s school fees. This put an unnecessary strain on the family’s already difficult lives, so having a sponsorship through high school was vital to Fedeline’s success in school. When Fedeline was a senior at our BGM High School, she was in the top 15 of her class, and she was selected to receive a scholarship to attend the university. She decided to enter the nursing school program and has been doing excellent in school. She recently attended a pinning ceremony for all of the nursing students which allowed her to continue on in an internship at a local hospital. Now Fedeline is preparing to move to a new campus in Port au Prince where she will enter another internship program and continue on to her junior year in college. Fedeline is very thankful for the opportunities that have been available to her by being in the BGM Sponsorship program. Because university tuition is exponentially more expensive than high school, it is very important that all of the university students are sponsored to help offset the cost of tuition and housing. Please consider sponsoring Fedeline as she continues on successfully in school.