Birthday: July 6, 2001
Sponsorship # 2016-00-147M


Sherlande is a eighteen year old 11th grader with a strong desire to learn! She lives in Galette Chambon with her parents and brother. She was so happy when she first got her sponsorship in 2016. She was in the eight grade that year and she was thrilled to go to the new BGM high school. She has loved going to school with her friends without worrying about how to pay for it. She cannot bear to tell her parents that she cannot go to school unless they find a way to pay for it. When we told her she had lost her sponsor, she just looked off and said, “Bondye konnen” which means “God knows” in Creole. Her eyes filled with tears as she said these words. She says she has faith God will provide another, but it’s hard not to worry. Her favorite subjects are French and science and she would love to take even more classes than she does now! Because her parents do not have jobs, it is nearly impossible for them to consistently pay for her school fees. A sponsorship for Sherlande could fulfill her goals of becoming a doctor one day!