Birthday: May 12, 2010 Sponsorship #2016-00-086JHC

Miselene a sweet little thirteen year old from the village of Gwo Balanse near Galette Chambon. She has 4 brothers and two sisters. She lives with her parents and grandmother. Her mother doesn’t have a job and her father works as a farmer.  Three of her brothers are sponsored already and one of her sisters is sponsored. Mislene has been sponsored since 2016 but she recently lost her sponsor. She really hopes she can get a sponsor because she wants to be able to continue school. She is almost ready to move to the high school and she is so excited about that. Anise is happy that she can go to school, but before she was sponsored, her parents could only afford tuition and not a uniform or books. So Anise had to use her siblings’ old books and they were torn and dirty. She doesn’t want to go back to having to share old books and uniforms with her siblings. She is praying for a sponsor so that doesn’t happen.  Anise loves school and she loves to sing. She loves to sing solos in church. She hopes that she and her sister Anise can become a professional singers one day, but first she knows she must finish school. That won’t happen if she doesn’t have a sponsor.