Birthday: March 2, 2008 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-074J   

Gervens Israel is an eight year old boy who loves to eat! He has a big family of three sisiters and two brothers. His dad is a farmer and his mom stays home to take care of the family. He loves to practice his addition and subtraction with his siblings and loves to learn new things in his math classes. Recently Gervens lost his sponsor. He was in the program and enjoyed having a uniform and books last year, but recently his sponsor had to choose not sponsor him anymore. He absolutely LOVES school, and he will be extremely sad if he can’t go this coming school year. We have not told him yet that he lost his sponsor because we are hoping to find one before he even skips a beat.  He really hopes one day to become a teacher, so it’s extremely important that he be able to stay in school!