Birthday: May 6, 1999
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Davice is a twenty year old young man who loves going to school.  He hopes one day that he can work as a construction boss.  His favorite subjects in school are Grammar and Math. The reason Darlice is older yet still in school is because before his mom adopted him, he was living on the street and couldn’t go to school. He missed about four years of school while on his own. Once he found a sponsor, he was able to start back to school, but by then he was four years older and in the sixth grade! Then last year, when he was supposed to move to the high school, he had to have surgery on his hip and it took the whole school year for him to recover. Now he is all healed and ready to start back, but he no longer has a sponsor! He is super excited that he is well enough now that he can continue getting his education. Darlice has two adopted sisters and three adopted brothers, and they live at in the home of a precious lady who has taken in Darlice and his (now) five siblings who all at some point or another lost their parents.  They are all older now and they try to find ways to do odd jobs to make a little money to support the rest of the family. Sometimes Darlice and his brothers make bread and sell it to Hope Center when there are teams.  When he gets home from school, he likes to help his mom clean the house and bake bread with his brothers.