Birthday: January 17, 2008
Sponsorship #:

is eight years old and lives in a village called Cargo with her parents and three sisters. Neither of her parents have steady jobs. It is so hard for their family to even eat every day much less send her and her sisters to school. She has dreamed of being able to go to school like other kids and she knows that if she goes to Salomon’s school, she will get a hot meal every day too! Nathanaelle has been going to school for the last few months because Professor Salomon let her go once we told him we would put her in the sponsorship program. It has made her so happy to be able to go to school and learn and eat every day. She doesn’t have a uniform yet because she doesn’t have a sponsor, but that’s okay. She doesn’t mind being different. She knows that one day she will have a sponsor. And one day she will grow up to be a teacher herself! She has faith now that her dream is going to come true.