Birthday: May 1, 2005
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Guerlanda is eleven years old and she lives in the village of Gwo Balanse near Galette Chambon. She lives with her mother and father and two sisters. Gerlanda’s parents do not have a steady income. Her father tries to grow a garden and her mother tries to sell the things he grows but Haiti has experienced two draught seasons and they had little to sell. We just had one good rainy season, so she is hopeful they will be able to sell some things at market this time. It will not be enough for them to pay for school though. They barely make enough to eat. That is why Guerlanda is so happy that Professor Salomon is letting her go to school until she finds a sponsor. In the meantime she gets to study her favorite subject, French, and she gets to eat lunch with her friends. She no longer has to worry about what she is going to eat every day. She is so happy about that. When Guerlanda grows up, she wants to learn how to drive so she can drive a tap tap! She knows that in Haiti, mostly men run tap tap businesses, but Guerlanda doesn’t care about that. She knows there is good money in this business and she wants to do it so she can provide for her family.