Birthday: September 12, 2001 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-049S

Doulange¬†is seventeen years old and lives in a nearby village called Gwo Balanse. She lives with her two sisters, five brothers, and father. She recently lost her mother to an unknown illness suddenly. Her father doesn’t currently have a job. They rely on family members to help them buy food. Doulange has four siblings that are going to school, and all four have sponsors. The only reason she has been able to go to school is because Moliere has let her go for free because of hardship in the family. She does not have a uniform other than the school t-shirt Moliere gave her because her family cannot afford to make her one. She really wishes she had a sponsor so she could have a uniform like everyone else and so she can feel normal and loved. Doulange always loved to help her mother wash clothes because that is when they would to go to the river. Now she says that going to the river will make her sad because it was something she and her mother did together. Now she will have to be both mother and sister to her younger siblings, and she knows that will be hard. Her favorite subject is science, and when she grows up, she hopes to become a teacher.