Birthday: February 13, 2007
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Bernadette Bazard is nine years old and she lives in a nearby village called Deye Mon. She has one sister and two brothers and they live with their mother who does not have a job. Their father is in Brasil looking for work so he can send money home for the family. Bernadette’s favorite thing to do when she is not in school is help clean the house and wash dishes. Her favorite subject in school is reading but then she hasn’t learned to read very well yet because her family doesn’t always have money to pay for her school. Bernadette wants to be a vendor when she grows up. She said that her favorite thing about her village is that there are good schools. She loves the fact that children get to eat at her school because many times, they don’t have money for food. Now that her school has a feeding program, she will have food to eat at school.