Birthday: May 12, 2010 Sponsorship #: 2016-00-066S

Kendy is a nine year old little boy who loves to play and help his dad pull weeds in the garden.  His mom works hard selling water at the market.  They are supporting Kendy and his 6 siblings in a neighborhood known as Gwovo.  They have 4 girls and 3 boys in their family. In the afternoon he loves to color with crayons and markers.  He hopes one day to become a farmer, just like his dad! Kendy lost his sponsorship earlier in the school year, so he is hoping to find a new sponsorship so that he can continue school. He loves school so much and he tries so hard to do well. He had a sponsor for three years before he lost his sponsorship. His other siblings are sponsored. He will not be able to continue school without a sponsorship.