Birthday: February 12, 2007
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Woodley (WIDLEY) is nine years old and he lives with his mother and father and his six brothers and one sister in Bonet which is a town near Galette Chambon. He attends the church at Hope Center every Sunday with his father and brothers and sister. His parents do not have jobs, therefore they do small jobs and sell things from their garden whenever they can to buy food for their family. However, they do not make enough to send Job and his siblings to school. When asked if they could make it to school every day from Bonet, his father said that he would walk his boys to school every day personally if they can come to school. Woodley cannot believe him might be able to go to school soon. He has been praying for an opportunity for he and his brothers to be able to go to school. He is happy that God is answering his prayers. Woodley wants to be a professor when he grows up. He wants to learn how to speak French and English and he wants to be able to teach other people how to speak languages as well.