Birthday: June 7, 2008
Sponsorship #: 2016-00-031JHCM

Christela is a sweet seven year old with an adorable smile.  Christela lives in Cadasse with her seven siblings.  She has four sisters and three brothers and they live with their father.  Her mother left their family when Christela was a baby. Her dad works on whatever construction site he can get a job for the day.  This is a hard job to have since he has to commute to the worksite every day and it is hard to find work. Her father also struggles with a rare skin condition that prevents him from being able to keep a steady job.  He is a regular at the medical clinic where Tony treats his skin condition at least three days a week to keep it under control. It makes things very difficult for the family. Christela loves to help out her family by washing the dishes and keeping the house clean. She also loves to participate in activities at the BGM church.   She wants to become a vendor selling rice and cooking one day.