Birthday: December 13, 2005
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Lovenson is an awesome 11 year old, who has a passion for soccer. His family of 5 lives in the Hope Center Village in Galette Chambon. His mother works hard as a cook in the Children of Christ Home. His father leaves home everyday to sell things on the street as a vender. He has one brother and one sister, and Lovenson is the baby of the family. His family moved to the Hope Center Village when they lost everything in the earthquake. Sometimes blessings come through raindrops, because moving here helped provide a job for his mother when the orphanage was built. His favorite subject in school is grammar. He loves learning about new things everyday! After school, he joins his friends on the soccer field. They will start games with other kids from around the village. When he finishes school he hopes to work in agriculture. He loves his country and he has a strong love for the people in his village.