Birthday: January 25, 2001
Sponsor #: 2016-00-026JM

Erimene is a beautiful 15 year old young girl with a big family. She has 4 sisters and 6 brothers. Her family lives in Galette Chambon where her father is selling bread and her mother is taking care of the family. She helps her mom by keeping the house clean and taking care of all her brothers and sisters. When you have a big family, everyone needs to do their part.  She loves learning new languages and her favorite subject in school is French communications. She is hoping to one day go to a trade school, so that she can help provide for her family. She can attend  trade school to learn to sew, cook, cosmetology, and many other things.  When she leaves secondary school she has plenty of options! She loves the people in her village and is hoping to give back one day.