Birthday: September 8, 2004
Sponsor #: 2015-00-145JHCM

Esther is 12 years old and her birthday is September 8th. She has three sisters and two brothers who all live with her parents in the new village at Hope Center. Her father makes baskets and works odd jobs for teams that come to Hope Center and her mother stays at home with the children. Esther and her family was living in Delmas before the earthquake, but they lost their home and all belongings when the earthquake hit. The earthquake was the scariest thing Esther says she has every experienced. She was only five when it happened and all she can remember is that it was loud and she was afraid that her family would die. Living in the tent city afterwards was scary too. It was dirty and loud and not safe. She is so thankful that God made a way for her family to be one of the first families to move out to Hope Center. She loves attending her new church and singing in church. She also loves attending the various special events that teams do at Hope Center. Esther’s favorite subject is math and she hopes to become a nurse one day. Her favorite thing when she is not in school is to play hide and seek with her siblings. Esther prays every day that someone will sponsor her because she knows her parents cannot afford to pay for everyone’s school in her family. In the past, BGM has helped her pay for her school, but now that BGM is going to a sponsorship program, she will have to get a sponsor in order to continue to be able to go to school. Esther wants to be a nurse when she grows up