Birthday: May 11, 2000
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Cherline Geffrard is 16 years old and her birthday is May 11th. She lives on the hill at Hope Center with her parents and three sisters and two brothers. She moved to Galette Chambon from the tent city in Delmas where her family lived after the earthquake destroyed their home and they lost everything. She did not like living in the tent city. It was a dangerous place for young girls. She was so happy when she found out that her family was moving out to Galette Chambon. It was hard at first because they have a big family and her parents had no way to make money to support them all. Her father would make baskets and work odd jobs for teams visiting Hope Center, but they could not afford to send all of her siblings to school. BGM helped them by paying for their school and having uniforms made and all, but now that they are changing to a sponsorship program, she is praying that someone will sponsor her so that she can continue school. She loves mathematics and she also loves to sew. She wants to learn to sew better so that she can be a seamstress on the side, but what she really wants to do one day is become a nurse.