Birthday: November 2, 2001
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Angeline Hyppolite is14 years old and her birthday is November 2nd. She has four brothers that live in Port au Prince with family members. Her parents were killed in the earthquake and she moved in with friends of the family in the tent city after the earthquake. She continued to live in the tent city until the city demanded that everyone find other places to live. She really had no idea what she was going to do or where she would go until recently when one of our Hope Center cooks, St. Vierge Arilus, agreed to take her in so that she could live in a safer place and go to school. She did not get to go to school last year because it was too late to change schools and she didn’t have the money to pay tuition or have a She was very excited to hear that BGM was starting a child sponsorship program because she feels like she has hope to be able to start back to school next year. She wants to be a nurse one day when she grows up, so she enjoys studying science. She says that if she can go to school, she will spend every spare moment she has studying so that she can do well in school and make her dreams of being a nurse come true.