Birthday: November 26, 2004 Sponsor #: 2015-00-137JM

Rivens is sixteen years old and his birthday is November 26th. He has been in the sponsorship program since he was eleven years old, and he has depended upon sponsorship to be able to go to school. If he isn’t sponsored, he can’t afford to go to school.  Rivens lives with his mother and father and one brother and three sisters. His mother stays home with the children while his father goes into Port au Prince very day to work. His family moved to Galette Chambon after living in the horrible tent city for several years. He hated living there. It was dirty and scary. It makes him sad when he thinks about how they lost their house in the earthquake, but he is so happy that he and his family moved to Hope Center village and have a safe place to live now. Rivens loves to run and he can run very fast. His favorite thing to do is help his mother by working in a garden that they have planted beside their house. He also loves to go to VBS at Hope Center. When he grows up he wants to learn about agriculture and become a large scale farmer to sell vegetables to grocery stores. He graduated from the elementary school and moved to the high school two years ago and he works very hard in school. He makes good grades and is a good example to others in school. He SERIOUSLY needs a new sponsor so that he doesn’t have to drop out after coming so far.