Fednor Fareus

Birthday: October 22, 2005
Sponsor #: 2016-00-012JHCM


Fednor is fourteen years old and he lives on the hill in Hope Center Village in Galette Chambon with his mother, father, grandfather, one sister, and two brothers. Fednor’s mother stays home with the children while his father goes to Port au Prince every day to work. They moved to Galette Chambon after the earthquake destroyed their home in Delmas in 2010. He loves his new home and all of the friends he has made. He and his twin brother Fedner love to go to VBS when teams are at Hope Center. They also love to help their mother by going to the well every day to get water. Fednor loves to play soccer in the village when he is not in school. His favorite subject is social science and when he grows up he wants to become an engineer.