Birthday: June 2, 2010
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Gergens is almost twelve years old and lives in a neighboring village called Placeman near Galette Chambon with his mother and father and five brothers. He and his older brother McInlove go to our BGM Primary school. Gergens as been walking to school with his brother for seven years now. However, recently Gergens lost his sponsorship. So if he doesn’t get one soon, he will have to stay home while his brother goes to school without him. He was supposed to be starting the sixth grade next year which means he would be finishing up his last year at the primary school and going on to high school soon. He desperately needs a sponsor to continue on.

The family plants beans and sells them at market. Gergens says his favorite thing to do is pray and he wants to be a pastor one day. He also likes to make his own toys and play with them. When he can find a ball, he likes to play soccer too. His favorite subject in school is mathematics. When he grows up, he wants to study engineering and become a construction boss.