Birthday: October 15, 1997
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Noë Joseph just turned 18 on October 15th, and he is the oldest of 10 children in his family. He lives in Galette Chambon with his mother and father who are both farmers. He went to school for two years when he was little, but because he had a hard time learning and his mother had two more children, he had to quit school because of financial hardship. Only three of his siblings go to school because his parents can’t afford any more than that. He loved school when he was able to go, and math was his favorite subject. He is still good at it. Noë has always been envious of kids in the village who got to go to school. Every day he would help his dad in the field and watch children pass by on their way to school. He doesn’t want to always work in the field. He wants to one day be an engineer. He is excited to go to school because maybe one day he can be an engineer and build big things.