Birthday: February 4, 2011 Sponsor #: 2015-00-109J

Laupe is seven years old and lives in Gros Balance near Galette Chambon. His birthday is February 4th. He is so excited about the sponsorship program because he wants to be able to keep going to school. He lives with his mother and father and he has a sister that lives with his aunt because his parents can’t afford to take care of both of them. His father sometimes makes money when there is construction going on by doing odd jobs on the construction site. Laupe loves to sing and he wants to be a teacher one day. Laupe was in the sponsorship program last year, but his parents took him out of school and moved to another village to try to find work. They were not able to find enough work to support themselves, so they returned to Gros Balance to be near family. The school allowed Laupe to return to school but if he doesn’t find a sponsor before next fall, he will not be able to go.