Birthday: June 8, 2001
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Sander is fourteen years old and lives in Galette Chambon. He loves to hang out at Hope Center and especially loves it when teams come to do VBS. He started going to the Saturday Boys Bible Study every weekend, and he is so thankful for the friendships he has made there. Sander lives with his mother who is a cook and his father who is a farmer. Sander dreams of being a doctor one day and this is the first time he has told someone that because he didn’t think it would ever be possible until now. His favorite subject in school is Experimental Science and he loves to learn about how things work. Sander goes to Pastor Johel’s school and one thing he has always worried about is whether or not his parents would be able to afford to send him each year. This has been a rough year for farmers in his village, so he is thankful that he has the possibility to get a sponsor so he can go to school and look forward to one day being a doctor.