Birthday: April 4, 2006    Sponsor #: 2015-00-093JHC  

Ogelet is sixteen years old and very shy. When he first entered the sponsorship program, he was not very excited about having his picture taken, but he was very, very excited that he received a sponsor and would have a chance to go to school. He was nine years old and had never been able to go to school like the other kids in the village because his parents could not afford it. That was back in 2015, and for seven years, he had the same sponsor. His sponsor adored him and sent him gifts all the time. One time I remember, she sent him a HUGE box full of clothes and toys and necessities, and he carried that box proudly on his head all the way home. He shared the gifts with all of his siblings. As the years went by, Ogelet became more and more relaxed with us at Hope Center and sometimes he would come by just to hang out and play ball with kids from the village. He would always ask about his sponsor and call her by name. He said he prayed for her every single night. He adores her because he knows she loves him and her support has given him so much confidence and hope for his future. All of this has changed now. I was informed recently that Ogelet’s sponsor has passed away. He will be heartbroken when they tell him. He has a picture of her on his wall in his house. I just dread knowing that someone is going to have to tell him the news. I really hope and pray that they can add to that news that he now has a new sponsor. I just can’t imagine having to accept the loss of his sponsor as well as the loss of his ability to continue to go to school.

Ogelet lives in Galette Chambon with his father and siblings. His father is a farmer. His mother passed away about four years ago from a debilitating illness that she had suffered from for a long time. The whole community rallied behind the family and helped them with her funeral. Ogelet has three sisters and five brothers. His birthday is April 4th. His favorite subject is mathematics and when he grows up he wants to be a farmer just like his dad because his father is a very hard worker.