Birthday: June 2, 2001
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Jackson Darè is fourteen years old and lives in Galette Chambon with his mother and father. His father is a farmer that works in the corn fields with five other farmers in the village. Jackson’s birthday is June 2nd and he loves to play soccer. His favorite team is Barcelona and he sometimes imagines himself playing on a field with a team like Barcelona. Jackson’s favorite subject in school is mathematics and he wants to one day be a mechanic and work on big trucks. He is excited about the possibility of going to Johel’s school this year. He is a few years behind because his parents have not been able to afford to send him to school every year. Sometimes he just has to help his father farm. But this year he thinks it is going to be different. This year he thinks he will be able to go to school and not worry about how it will be paid or if he will be able to go next year. He is very thankful for the sponsorship program because he says it has helped him not worry about school anymore.