Birthday: October 20, 2004
Sponsor #:

Nieder is 13 years old and his birthday is October 20th. He used to be in our sponsorship program but his mother and older brother took him out and sent him to another school. His older brother was the one helping him pay for school at first, but after a few months, his brother moved out of the country and left Nieder and his mom at home with very little income. They could not pay the tuition for school, so he had to drop out. Today Nieder came to us desperately seeking a way to go to school. He is doing this completely on his own. He is in the 6th grade now, so he is only one year from being able to be in the secondary school. He is so smart. We know he will do well in school and easily move on to secondary next year if he just had someone helping him pay for school. Nieder enjoys playing soccer with his friends. He also loves to come to Hope Center for VBS. He lives in Galette Chambon with is mother, four brothers and three sisters. His mother is a vendor and his father is deceased. He loves everything about school and wants to be a “boss” one day.