Birthday: March 23, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2015-00-058SM

Donald is 15 years old and his birthday is March 23rd. He lives in Galette Chambon, lives with mother and father and five siblings. His mother is a vendor and his father cuts sugar cane for a living. Donald has 3 brothers 2 sisters and he wants to be an engineer one day so he can design and build bridges. Donald has been in our sponsorship program since 2015 and it has been a huge blessing to his family that he has had a sponsor. Now, after four years, he finds himself without a sponsor and he cannot help but worry that he might have to drop out of school. Right now he is going to the BGM high school, and he is making very good grades. He is so very smart! He loves to learn English in school and he enjoys practicing it with his friends. Donald loves to play soccer in his free time.