Birthday: March 11, 2001
Sponsor #: 2015-00-026M

Sandy¬†is 16 years old and he goes to our BGM high school. His birthday is March 11, 2001. His father is a farmer who also cuts wood to make charcoal. His mother helps with the family business and with raising the children. He has three sisters and one brother. His favorite subject is math and he wants to be either a doctor or a preacher when he grows up. Recently Sandy moved into his aunt’s home with his cousin Roobens Toussaint. The reason he moved is because there are now too many people living in his parents’ house. His aunt moved in with her child and his oldest sister had a baby. This made ten people in a one-room house! Roobens now has a house not far from Sandy’s family, so he moved in with Roobens to make more room. Sandy enjoy living with Roobens because they can study together. Sandy loves school and he is very thankful to be able to go!