Birthday: August 4, 2006 Sponsor #: 2015-00-022SM

Rebecca was just 7 years old when she was first sponsored. She has had the same sponsor for the past seven years beginning when she was only in the first grade. Now Rebecca is at the high school in the seventh grade and suddenly she is without a sponsor. Her dear sponsor passed away recently and the news was devastating to Rebecca. Her superintendent went to her house and delivered the news privately. Rebecca cried and cried. She had grown to think of her sponsor as like a grandmother. She loved her with all of her heart, and she new her sponsor loved her the same way. Over the years her sponsor had sent her many gifts, had a special dress made for her, bought her a goat, and even had a house built for her family! Now Rebecca finds herself not only missing her sponsor/grandmother, but she worries about how she will continue school. She knows that the only way she can go to school is if she has a sponsor. She has looked forward to graduating all this time and now she is afraid she will have to drop out. Her future hangs in the balance. Please consider sponsoring Rebecca so that she can continue on with school. Rebecca has two sisters who are both sponsored. Neither of her parents are living. She is from Galette Chambon. She goes to BGM High School school. Rebecca lives with her aunt, sisters, and grandparents. Her grandmother is completely blind, so Rebecca helps her a lot. She enjoys helping her aunt take care of her sisters and she loves school. She wants to be a teacher one day when she grows up. Her birthday is August 4th.