Birthday: November 19, 2007 Sponsor #: 2015-00-012JM

Youselie is 16 years old and is from Galette Chambon. Youselie has two brothers and six sisters. She comes from a large family and her parents cannot afford to send all of them to school. Her mother is a vendor and her father is a moto-tap tap driver but neither of them have been able to find much work since things shut down in Haiti. Youselie loves school and wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Back in 2015, she was going to Maranatha School and she had a sponsor. After four years, her parents sent her and four of her siblings to live with their grandparents in the mountains because their parents could not afford to provide for all of them. Youselie had to drop out of school to go help her grandfather on his farm. After two years, Youselie was allowed to return to her parents’ home in Galette Chambon while three other children moved up to their grandparents. This is common in Haiti where families have to make their children take turns going to school. Youselie has been back in school now since 2021 but she has not had a sponsor. Her parents have said that if she doesn’t get a sponsor soon, they will have to send her back up to the mountains to work on the farm. Youselie is very smart and she loves school. She desperately wants to continue. Please consider sponsoring Youselie so that she can stay in school.