Birthday: April 12, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-116J  



Lukenson is a precious thirteen year old from the village of Boucandrice near Galette Chambon. His sister has been sponsored for about a year now, but he was never put into the program… until now. He came with his little sister to get a sponsor gift, and Ashley saw him and immediately knew she needed to sponsor him. He has two more sisters and two brothers and they live with their mother. Their father left them and moved to Brazil this year, so his mother has no way of supporting the family. Lukenson loves to study his lessons and play soccer. His favorite subject is French, and when he is grown up, he wants to be a doctor. If he doesn’t get to be a doctor, he thinks he would like to be a chauffer because he thinks it would be cool to drive a bus. He is soooo excited to have a sponsor!