Birthday: September 1, 2016 Sponsorship #: 2024-00-033HC

Fritzson is a quiet and shy eight year old from the mountain village of Mawozo above Galette Chambon. He lives with his grandmother, three sisters, and two brothers who are actually his aunts and uncles but they are close to his age. His mother had him when she was thirteen and died after childbirth, so his young grandmother took care of him as her own. She struggles to take care of her own children and then adding another child to the household made it even more difficult. She provides for six children all together and she doesn’t much money. In the picture, you will see that Fritzson has on two different shoes. This is because his grandmother could not afford to buy him shoes, so she searched through trash on the side of the road until she found a sandal and another shoe that fit him somewhat because the administration of the school will not let children come to school without shoes. He is a bit embarrassed that this is all he has for shoes, but he swallows his pride and goes to school with the mismatched shoes. We are going to send money for our staff to buy him some shoes, but he will need a sponsor soon if he is going to be able to continue going to school. Fritzson enjoys helping his grandmother work around the house, playing with his friends, sleeping, eating, and doing school work. His favorite subject in school is mathematics, and when he grows up, he wants to be a math teacher.