Birthday:November29,2010 Sponsorship#: 2023-00-096HC

Steevenson S. is a bright and responsible thirteen year old from the village of Bonet near Galette Chambon. He lives with his parents, three sisters, and five brothers in a rented room in Galette Chambon. Two years ago, they had to evacuate their home in Bonet and move to Galette Chambon because the gang attacked their village. They burned down Steevenson’s house and they escaped only because they had gone to work in the garden. His parents are share croppers who have always worked a large garden near the base of the mountain. They are allowed to keep some of the produce which they sell at market. However, after the attack, they have not been able to get back to the garden to work. They joined a sharecropping farm in Galette Chambon to try to support their family, but now Galette Chambon is suffering from the violence of the gang as well and it is hard to make any money. Steevenson desperately wants to go to school, so he asked to be put into the sponsorship program in hopes of finding help. Steevenson’s favorite things to do are studying lessons, working in the garden with his parents, and helping others. His favorite subject in school is French, and when he grows up, he wants to be a teacher.