Birthday: October 6, 2013 Sponsorship#: 2023-00-128S

Louis Benson is a very smart ten year old from an area near Galette Chambon called Bayjarenn. It is up the mountain trail above Galette Chambon. He lives with his father, three sisters, and one brother. Most of the schools close to where he lives have closed because the people could no longer pay tuition and the gang has threatened the area with violence. Most of the children from this area have gone without school for over a year now. Louis Benson’s father decided that it is so important for his son to go to school that it is now necessary for them to travel down the mountain to Galette Chambon to try to find a school for his son to attend. He is hoping that Louis Benson can get a sponsor so that they can afford to send him to the BGM School. His father works as a taxi driver, but he doesn’t make much money these days. Louis Benson enjoys playing with friends, sleeping, bathing, eating, and going to work in the garden with his grandfather. His favorite subject in school is Creole. When he grows up, he wants to become a doctor.