Birthday: February 28, 2016 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-068HC

Andreas¬†is a lively little six year old who lives with his father, step-mother, brother and two sisters in Hope Center Village in Galette Chambon. He used to live with his mother in Port au Prince but she died in 2018 and he moved in with his father and his family. He loves living in Hope Center Village and he has many friends. He loves going to the new school at Hope Center too. When he first started 3 year old kindergarten, all of the other three year olds were screaming to get out of school on the first day, Andreas was running around playing with his buddy and having a great time. He has absolutely loved school ever since. His step-mother sometimes sells things in the market in Croix des Bouquet and his father sometimes finds odd jobs. His father used to be a security guard but he got laid off.¬† That is really hard for him. He wants to work, but it is hard to find a job in Haiti. Andreas needs a sponsor because his family can’t afford to eat much less pay for school. It is very, very hard. Andreas wants a sponsor very, very bad. And when he finds one, he is going to ask for his very own soccer ball!